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myechi sent: Please take down dreaminginthesky's eunhae drawing and just reblog it from her tumblr! Thanks. Artists dont want people putting their art in a new source because they deserve the recognition for it

Hi. Thnak you for your message. I actually did not this, When you are saying that I take down draw. Thank you.

"When did it become ELF protecting Super Junior? Super Junior should protect ELF!"


I keep on reading posts of some ELF, stating how happy they were that after 6 years, Super Junior has finally learned how to stand up for themselves.

To be honest, I was also proud and happy at first, but looking back at what happened, I realized one thing - Super…

[FANACCOUNT // 140907] ‪#‎Sungmin‬ Inkigayo recording (´・ω・`)

[TRANS] Oh and hyuk also said “ondongi!” for sungmin

When he first came SungMin went staring at me and then smiled/smircked?~ and then caught KangIn arms and said “Foreigners” and waved at me ♡

There was that fanboy inside who shouted “SungMin Saranghae” he has been spotted by members~


You can ask me if you want~!! ^^

(Kaynak: )

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